XeSS 1.3 provides better image quality and new modes.

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When Intel entered the graphics card market in the fall of 2022, it also introduced its own scaling technology called XeSS. It gradually received two major updates, the last one in August last year. But today, out of the blue, the company announced a new version called 1.3, the SDK is now available on GitHub. Of course, it will be some time before it reaches games.

The main improvement in version 1.3 should be new artificial intelligence models that are used for upscaling. Thus, this should provide more detailed image reconstruction, better anti-aliasing, less ghosting, and higher image stability. In any case, while we only have a comparison of a scene from Like a Dragon: Ishin where the old version of XeSS causes severe flickering, this has already been fixed in the new version.

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Relatively significant changes have also occurred in the area of ​​the modes themselves, where three were added. The first is native, which offers XeSS anti-aliasing at native resolution without any scaling, similar to Nvidia’s DLAA or AMD’s FSR Native. Ultra Quality Plus and Ultra Performance modes were also added, but Intel lowered the internal resolution for all modes, so they were de facto downgraded.

Source: Intel

Ultra Quality Plus is the original Ultra Quality, Ultra Quality has the same internal resolution as the original quality, and so on. Performance mode now has 2.3x scaling, a value not previously available, and a new feature is the aforementioned Ultra Performance mode, which offers three times the scaling of the competition. For example, you can go from 720p to 4K.

However, Intel isn’t the only company working to improve its scaling technology. Nvidia releases DLSS updates fairly regularly, and AMD will release FSR 3.1 soon.

Source :Indian TV

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