Bloodborne Kart Reveals New Title and Release Date

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Fans of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne event have been waiting for some time for official news about this brand, which has long been neglected by many players. At the same time, various speculations almost constantly revolve around the native version for the PlayStation 5 console, a port on PC, a remake or a full-fledged sequel. However, none of this has been officially announced yet, so fans of the original game will have to wait for now. make do with various community projects. Among the most famous is undoubtedly the game Bloodborne Kart, created by developer Lilith Walter.

But its efforts to create an arcade racing game in the world of Bloodborne did not escape the attention of Sony, which, as the owner of the rights to the brand, intervened before the game was released. Fortunately, unlike other similar attempts in this direction, it was quite simple to rename it Nightmare Kart. The author introduced the new name in the video attached above, which she also added to the publication. release date announcementwhich was scheduled for May 31st. The game will be available for free on Steam and the platform.

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Source : Zing

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