Gaming revenues rose again last year after a decline

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While the gaming market was adjusting to the end of the pandemic and decreased interest in video games in 2022, video game revenues rose again last year. This is down from the previous fall of 5.1%. growth 0.6%. Console and especially computer games showed the best results, while mobile games recorded a slight decline. This is reported by the analytical website Newzoo.

Video game revenue (not total gaming industry revenue, which is still $100 billion to $150 billion higher) last year grew to $184 billion. Almost half of the amount went to the mobile segment, which recorded a decrease of 1.4%. They account for 29 and 21% of the total, accounting for the second half of console and PC games. The console market grew by 1.7%, PC games required even 5.3% more than last year.

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A special category is given to browser games, the turnover of which fell by almost 17%.

Almost half of global sales come from giants in the form of U.S.A And China. Previous added value $47.3 billionsecond 43.6. Only a slightly smaller amount can be attributed not only to China, but also to Japan or South Korea in the Asia-Pacific region.

Europe accounted for 18% of global sales, or by value 33.6 billion. A significantly smaller share falls on the regions of Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Newzoo forecasts growth over the next two years. Video game revenue is expected to exceed $200 billion in 2026.

Source :Indian TV

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