Saber Chief sides with Embracer and Wingeforce

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Matthew Karchfounder and boss Saber Interactivein an interview with GamesIndustry did not spare words of praise aside Hugger and his boss Lars Wingefors. The latter was until recently his boss, the publisher was freed from slavery by the struggling Swedish holding in mid-March.

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“He was Lars for a long time [Wingefors] a bit of a miracle talent. He’s never done anything wrong, he’s been on the cover of magazines, and he’s a pretty humble person. This doesn’t mean he takes all the money and spends it. Yes, he bought some things that rich people can buy, but he was maligned a lot – especially in Sweden,” Karch describes his view of Wingefors.

“[V Embraceru] they are the nicest people you will ever meet. Lars has an archive of video games. He loves games. He lives by playing games. He doesn’t wear ties, although he wears ties at stock market presentations. “He’s a player,” he continues. “I don’t think anyone had a greater sense of justice and reason than Lars.” The process we had to go through to close the studio absolutely…destroyed us.”

Karch notes that he still feels a connection to the Announcer. In addition to owning shares, he has many friends in the company and wishes them all the best. He believes Embracer was trying to save as many jobs as possible.

I wouldn’t bet against Lars Wingefors.

He believes in the success of the former owner: “I wouldn’t bet against Lars now. He’s really on top of his game. I haven’t seen him this confident in a long time and I think they’ve downsized the company enough. It’s still big, but fairly manageable. They have some great things in the works that haven’t been announced yet and I think people are going to love them.”

Karch also confirmed that Embracer’s financial problems were related to the failure of Saudi Arabia’s investments. Smart games. After the sale of Saber and Transmission announced the end of the “restructuring” process of Embracer.

Source :Indian TV

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