Stronghold: Definitive Edition will be a real test for veterans – INDIAN

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FireFly Studios invites you to host a bonus story campaign Stronghold: Definitive Edition. Wolf Valley will bring seven new missions and will be the greatest test for veterans who have besieged the castles of this legendary series for more than two decades. The DLC will cost 3 euros.

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In the final chapter, you have to fight the biggest badass in the world… cruel wolf. A battle awaits you with huge forces in unknown territory.

“In order for players to safely secure the Jewel and put an end to the Wolf’s treacherous rampage, it will be necessary to dive straight into the wolf’s pit and take the fight to its borders. You will find yourself in an unknown land where even survival itself will require luck.” the developers explain.

“Explore seven unique DLC missions set on original maps, featuring new strategic challenges and brutal castle wars. Players must prove their mettle and learn from each challenge if they want to go down in history as winners. Fight new enemies, fortresses and maps. Crush the last troops of the Wolf and win!” they deliver. Prior to this, a campaign was carried out aimed at angry pig.

The DLC will be accompanied by a spring update on April 30th/April with free content. The update will be devoted to the reconstruction of historical fortresses, incl. the very first Polish castles in the series. On the new castle trail, you’ll encounter Gothic-style Malbork, Biskupin, an ancient fortress built in the early days of Rome, and Nedzic, a formidable Gothic castle that Dracula was proud of. Another castle, Ogrodzieniec, will be playable as a separate map in Siege mode.

Along with the new castles, additional multiplayer maps will appear, as well as free construction and siege modes.

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Source :Indian TV

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