Meet the heroine of the Stellar Blade RPG – INDIAN

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A short trailer introduces us to Evethe main character of the upcoming role-playing game Star Bladewhich will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 on April 26.

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The future of humanity hangs in the balance in Stellar Blade, an all-new story-driven action adventure. The Earth, devastated by strange creatures, was abandoned, and the remnants of the destroyed human race fled to a colony in space. After leaving the colony, a member of EVE’s 7th Airborne Division arrives on a devastated planet with a clear mission: to save humanity, will return the Earth from the Nytibs – the evil forces that devastated her.

But as EVE deals with individual members of the Nythib, it pieces together an exploration of the ruins of human civilization. secrets of the past and she begins to understand that her mission will not be easy. In fact, almost everything is not as it seems…

If you like Stellar Blade, you can find it on the PlayStation Store. demo version. We also have our own impressions for you.

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Source :Indian TV

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