Ex-Dragon Age Creative Director Preps Eternal Strands With Climbing Giant Monsters – INDIAN

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Mike Laidlaw is at the helm of the new game. The former creative director of the Dragon Age series was in Quebec, Canada four years ago to start a new studio. Yellow brick games, who could boast of his first title. His name is Eternal threads This is a third-person adventure game set in an interesting fantasy world.

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Laidlaw is also the creative director of this exciting news story. a mixture of action, magic and climbing, including climbing over huge enemies, like in Shadow of the Colossus or Dragon’s Dogma. Your job is to discover their weak points and strike before you fall. You will play as Brynn, a young and fearless warrior determined to reclaim the cultural home of her people. will reveal the secrets of the Enclave – about a once powerful nation that is now inactive.

“Use your powerful magical abilities and arsenal of weapons to battle enemies ranging from humanoid constructs to giant beasts.” we will read in the signature that confirms this arcade combat system. We are waiting for a battle with epic creatures 25 meters high called Arks. In battles against a large list of creatures we will have to take advantage of the environment and extreme weather events.

Magical abilities can be used to create ice bridges across chasms, burn barriers and overcome vast distances in this world. The physical system must be very complex and reward players for creativity in exploration and combat.

“It’s a completely different game than the ones I’ve worked on before” Laidlaw added. We can expect Eternal Strands in 2025 in versions for PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5 by a team of 68 people, including other veterans such as Thomas Giroux (CEO), Jeff Skalski (COO, Executive Producer) and Frédéric St. Laurent B. (Game Director), who previously worked at Ubisoft about Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

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