The authors of Dead Cells are preparing a new Prince of Persia – INDIAN

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Platformer Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is one of this year’s pleasant surprises. Many years later, Ubisoft has dug this classic out of the grave and delivered addictive gameplay with a great movement system and challenging puzzles. In short, a game that can entertain and reduce waiting. modern remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

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But the surprises don’t end there. “There are even more new games on the way,” says well-known insider Tom Henderson. According to him, it was created in collaboration between Ubisoft and the Evil Empire studio. Robber Prince of Persia. This is a new roguelike that will continually receive free updates and evolve based on community feedback. With that in mind, the game should be coming to Steam Early Access later this year.

They say it’s a game inspired by Franco-Belgian comics and has been in development for the last four years. The companies are believed to have agreed on the GDC around 2019.

The highly acclaimed Metroidvania roguelike Dead Cells was created by Motion Twin. It was only later that Evil Empire was created, consisting of a team of original authors who were responsible for additional support for Dead Cells.

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Source :Indian TV

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