Plastic soldiers fight for the living room in Army Reforger’s April Fool’s joke – INDIAN

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Without a doubt, one of the most interesting April Fool’s pranks we came across yesterday was the “Little Wars” scenario, which allows red and green plastic soldiers to fight over the living room in To the army of reformers. Some fans have suddenly started bombarding the developers at Bohemia Interactive with the desire to make the joke playable, which is not too surprising. Tiny Wars is very similar to the professional Green Army Men addon. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam And the announcement from the very beginning gave the impression that the whole thing was too elaborate to be just an April Fool’s joke.

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In yesterday’s trailer, for example, you can see a fairly detailed map or places where players can collect weapons, similar, for example, in the Quake series. Not only could this easily lead to suspicion that the Army Reforger toy expansion is real and that sooner or later we will actually be able to play it. And now this suspicion has been confirmed.

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Source :Indian TV

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