Xbox brings a quartet of promising indie games closer

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Botanical estate

Release April 9, 2024

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In the old Botany Manor lives a retired botanist named Arabella Green. After a long career, she has amassed a collection of rare, long-forgotten plants that require some research to bring them back to full life. Play as Arabella and explore the stunning historic mansion and its grounds, searching for clues in her notes, books, posters and objects scattered around the house to find the right solution to help the flowers bloom again. Unlock new seeds and plant them. Interactive objects around the site can be rotated and flipped, providing information that will help you solve each gardening puzzle, grow plants and discover their mysterious properties.

Go to the ship

Release (early access) at the end of 2024

Jump Ship is a cooperative first-person shooter based on PvE missions for up to 4 players, in which you crew together on a single spaceship. Seamlessly transition from ship control to on-foot exploration and spacewalks, engage in intense ground and space battles, and always keep your ship upgraded and in good working order. Teamwork is the key to survival and victory.

Night landscape

Release date not specified

After meeting a mysterious animal friend, Layla becomes embroiled in the mystery of Starfall. Nightscape is an atmospheric 2.5D adventure set in the ancient Arab world, with a unique constellation power feature. The idea for Nightscape came from a desire to pursue my passion for creating immersive games while showcasing elements of shared human context in an increasingly fragmented world. A simple question was asked: what would happen to a world so dependent on the stars if they suddenly disappeared? The Arab star tradition is rich, but not part of mainstream culture, so why not shine a light on it? The game draws on centuries of shared knowledge and tradition and provides an opportunity to convey their inspiring stories and offer them in a new form.

Still awakens the depth

Release June 18, 2024

The year is 1975, a disaster occurred on the Beira D oil platform off the coast of Scotland. Cross the collapsing platform and save your team from otherworldly horror on the verge of all logic and reality. The game represents a return to the first-person narrative horror genre from The Chinese Room, creators of critically acclaimed games such as Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Everything’s Gone to the Rapture and Dear Esther. You are an offshore oil rig worker fighting for your life in a wild storm, a dangerous environment and the dark, icy waters of the North Sea. All communication lines have been cut. All escape routes have disappeared. All that remains is to face the unknown horror that comes on board. Find your team and help them survive if you can. Run, climb and swim through flooded corridors and storm-battered outer decks. Face a terrifying and ruthless enemy. And pray that one day you will see your family again. Renowned for its architecture, sound, writing and world-class acting, Chinese Room is a symphony of action, suspense, tender emotion and wonder.

Source :Indian TV

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