New PlayStation boss is a proponent of releasing games on multiple platforms – INDIAN

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PlayStation’s new chapter began on Monday. He took over as CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). Hiroki Totokiwhich replaced Jim Ryan. The less popular head of the Japanese corporation’s gaming division has decided to resign after five years on the job. Here we looked at his successes and failures.

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Totoka has a busy month ahead. He remains President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Sony Group Corporation. Together with Sony Group Corporation Chairman and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, he wants to define the next chapter of PlayStation’s future and find a new CEO for SIE.

Shortly before his departure, Ryan spoke on the official PlayStation podcast. We heard from him about the success of the PS2. To date, 155 million sales have been recorded. Ryan has updated this list and confirmed that PlayStation 2 sold 160 million units. This made the 2000 console the most successful gaming console in the world by a wide margin. In second place is the Nintendo DS handheld console with 154.02 million, and in third is the Switch, which will soon exceed 140 million.

Ryan believes in the success of the PlayStation 5. He believes that it could be the most successful console in Sony history.

“I would say we are at the peak now. PlayStation 5 is on track to become our most successful console ever in many ways. I think the games and experiences that PlayStation Studios offers are the best we’ve ever seen.” Ryan said on the podcast. Today, the former PlayStation president is proud of the games his team created.

“The number of games we’ve released on PS5 at this point in the cycle far exceeds anything we’ve ever done. And despite all the investments we’ve made in the studio and the acquisitions we’ve made, this development will only accelerate and snowball. We’re in a strong position and I think the future looks great.” he added. According to him, he leaves PlayStation in the hands of a strong leadership team of outstanding individuals.

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