The Witcher 4 will be more than just a third part in disguise – INDIAN

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It will enter in the second half of this year new Witcher into full production so we can play it in two to three years. This new adventure in a familiar fantasy world is shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain. The Witcher 4 will not be a third part in disguise. CD Projekt RED wants to push boundaries and explore completely new areas.

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Of course, they are building on the success of the previous title and what they learned during the development of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077, but they will add new gameplay elements and new mechanics that we have not seen in their previous games.

“Creating a new game is always a creative risk, especially when we’re trying to push boundaries and explore new areas; this is something we haven’t done before. This is, of course, a fairly broad concept, but I can’t go into detail without talking about the game itself. But you shouldn’t expect something like The Witcher 3 in a new guise.” Michal Nowakowski, CEO of CD Projekt, told investors about this.

He then confirmed new gameplay elements and new mechanics like Cyberpunk 2077. He called this direction risky because it’s not just about what they’ve done before.

The next question was about the release date. Nowakowski didn’t want to talk about it at all and explained that it was part of a marketing plan. Previously, the management of the Polish studio indicated 2025 as the earliest date. There are currently 403 people working on The Witcher 4.

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