Violence, blood and sexual innuendo in the Silent Hill 2 remake – INDIAN

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After ranking in South Korea, he gives his verdict higher remake of Silent Hill 2 also the North American agency ESRB. This is another piece of the puzzle that hints at the upcoming release of the horror game for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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The new product from the creators of Layers of Fear and The Medium received an age recommendation of 17 years and older. This is due to violence, blood, gore and sexual innuendo. The ESRB describes some scenes as characters being stabbed, characters being suffocated with a pillow, or enemies with body parts stitched together.

“It is a horror adventure game where players take on the role of a man who returns to a mysterious town and is haunted by his past. Players explore the town of Silent Hill from a third-person perspective, interacting with characters and fighting people and creatures (e.g. Pyramid Head, mannequins, monsters).” indicated on the ESRB label,

“Players use pistols, shotguns, rifles and knives to kill enemies. Combat is punctuated by realistic gunshots, screams of pain, and blood splatter effects. In some rooms, large stains of blood and/or entrails/organs are visible on the walls, floors and surrounding bodies.” we will read further.

“Insets and illustrations show other incidents of violence and/or blood and gore: figures with stab wounds; a figure smothered with a pillow; enemies with sewn body parts. The game contains suggestive/sexual material: characters dancing on a pole in a strip club; posters depicting women in revealing clothing (e.g., bras and thongs, plunging necklines); dialogue suggestive of sexuality and/or sexual assault/violence” Courtesy of the ESRB.

It was recently suggested that a Silent Hill 2 remake could be released in the coming months. Konami will likely want to release the game before the summer holidays and avoid the fall, which is usually richer in games.

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Source :Indian TV

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