A Borderlands sequel is officially in development

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After the purchase is closed Gearbox Entertainment from Hugger new owners revealed Take-Two Interactivethat the acquired team is preparing six games either as a developer or publisher. One of them is a continuation of the famous series. Borderlandsomething that has been speculated about for a long time, but the official announcement has only appeared now.

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The secret is not inevitable Homeworld 3, which is being developed by the independent studio Blackbird Interactive. In the case of the remaining four games, it is expected that there will be three sequels and one new IP. Last year one of the developers mentioned on his LinkedIn Tiny Tina’s Wonderland 2 and a game from the series Brothers in Arms. Gearbox also owns brands Risk of rain And Duke Nukem.

Completion of the deal had been under consideration for several months and was also the most likely option for Gearbox to separate from Swedish holding company Embracer Group. Take-Two Interactive developers met with 2K gameslongtime publishers of the Borderlands series, including its spin-offs.

“The gearbox has played an important role in our success for almost 20 years. (…) We’ve enjoyed working with Gearbox on every entry in the Borderlands series, and we’re excited to be actively working on the next installment,” he says. David IsmailerPresident of 2K.

Source :Indian TV

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