Games enhanced for PS5 Pro must include a dedicated performance mode.

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Insider Tom Henderson, after a series of previous information regarding the as yet unconfirmed, but almost 100% of the existing PlayStation 5 Pro console, brought another piece of news on Friday evening. This time we are talking about game improvements for this device and the “PS5 Pro Enhanced” label that Sony will likely use. It’s currently called “Trinity Enhanced” internally, and Trinity is the codename for the PS5 Pro.

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In an article for his Insider Gaming magazine, Henderson states that Sony wants PlayStation 5 Pro games to have a console-exclusive performance mode. It must combine three attractive elements:

  • 4K enhanced resolution using PSSR technology.
  • Stable 60 frames per second
  • Add or improve ray tracing effects.

However, this is not a determining factor for the label itself, as Henderson is quick to state that Sony will also “lend” the PS5 Pro Enhanced designation to games that meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Increased fixed target resolution compared to the PS5 version.
  • Increased the maximum target resolution in Dynamic Resolution compared to the PS5 version.
  • Increased target framerate compared to fixed framerate on PS5.
  • Adding Ray Tracing Effects

Basically, any minor improvement is enough for a game to earn this label. It’s hard to say if games with an exclusive performance mode will have any different designation, or if such a combination will even be possible on the console.

In any case, we will only know in the fall, when the PlayStation 5 Pro is expected to hit the market.

Source : Zing

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