In Lego Fortnite you can now create your own vehicles – INDIAN

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Epic Games keeps its promise and continues to expand the version of its phenomenon. The second major update is called Mechanical chaos and to survival Lego Fortnite adds the ability to create your own vehicles, customize them in various ways and step on the gas for a new adventure.

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If you stick to the ground, you can build a fast single-seat ATV great for exploring the world, a jeep for four, and a heavy-duty truck designed primarily for hauling materials, with three designs.

From available components such as wheels, driver’s seats and battery for driving, but you can go beyond the templates and create your own style. You can even make a car out of your home. You will be limited only by your own imagination and components.

In addition to this news, other Lego-themed Fortnite skins have arrived in the game. It’s true that if you have one of the Fortnite skins, it’s also available for your cube character. We are also pleased with the gameplay improvements, minor adjustments and bug fixes.

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Source :Indian TV

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