No April Fool’s Day, the first Polda releases on Steam six days early – INDIAN

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It is written December 20, 1998Two days after President Vaclav Havel supported the attack on Iraq, Škoda decided to produce the Felicia in Russia, and an anonymous person threatened to blow up Telecom over higher telephone tariffs. But the Telecom branch in Ceske Budejovice was not the only place where the police were called. In the village of Lupany on the other side of the country, two people were kidnapped and no one else could be entrusted with the investigation. than the local policeman Pankratz.

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Whether you remember those times fondly or are completely confused but still interested, I’d be happy to tell both parties the same. Legendary first Policeman, or honestly go first With after an incredible 25 years finally got there Steam.

Initially The game was supposed to be released no earlier than April 1stbut perhaps precisely because this is not a joke or because Peter Svoboda did not want to try his luck unnecessarily, an unexpected earlier release appeared, namely in 6 whole days. But how long was it worth waiting more than a quarter of a century?

We could play the first Polda from 1998. MS-DOSa few years later Windows XP and at the beginning of 2018 even on mobile platforms Android and iOS. And the latest improved mobile version has actually arrived on modern systems. Windows and macOS.

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Source :Indian TV

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