Flintlock RPG will require you to learn your opponents’ attacks and behavior – INDIAN

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The video, which is over nine minutes long, details the upcoming role-playing game. Flintlock: Siege of Dawn. The authors of Ashen have enriched their new product with elements of soul-light. He states that one will need to study the attacks and behavior of opponents, as well as carefully monitor their movements in order to be able to counterattack or jump at the right moment.

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The main characters are a powerful duo: Nor Vanek and her mysterious fox companion Enki, who has magical and tactical abilities. Also thanks to this cooperation the battles are reminiscent of the new parts of the God of War series, where the mighty Kratos is accompanied by his son. The main character has three types of weapons at her disposal: contact, fire and magic.

In addition to combat, you can view the world on video and learn about several side quests. Otherwise, the game invites you to join humanity’s last battle. The door to the Otherworld opened and the undead army of the Old Gods fled. The living are on the verge of extinction. It’s time for them to join forces and take back control of their own world.

“Seize revenge, gunpowder and magic for humanity’s final battle against the onslaught of the dead.” challenge the creators.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is scheduled to be released this summer on PC and the last two generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. I’ll make Game Pass subscribers happy to have him as a part.

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Source :Indian TV

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