Diablo 4 looks better on PC and consoles thanks to ray tracing – INDIAN

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Blizzard and Nvidia have improved. Diablo 4 on all platforms. The new update adds ray-traced shadows and reflections to the world of Sanctuary. By default, shadows are too hard and harsh. When ray tracing is enabled, they are much more realistic and softer. Magic effects and distant environmental objects stand out more.

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Ray tracing effects aren’t just available on computers. Console players can enjoy them after selecting the graphics mode. Improved visuals. They just have to take into account some caveats. The game only runs at 30fps and doesn’t include all the effects it offers on PC.

“The launch of Diablo IV was just the beginning for us. Based on player feedback, we regularly improve and explore how we can improve both the visuals and the dark atmosphere of the game. The addition of ray tracing effects is the next step in making the brutal world of Sanctuary even more immersive for the player. Effects such as lightning strikes now reflect in pools of blood and water, dank basements and dungeons are more terrifying with realistic soft shadows, and the open world and cities are more believable with additional realistic shadows and reflections. We look forward to our community trying out the new technology.” Michael Bukowski, technical director of Diablo IV, describes the update.

“It was great to work closely with NVIDIA to bring ray tracing to Diablo IV. Their experience with ray tracing technologies helped us get it to the quality we wanted, and the libraries they offered, such as RTXMU, provided us with valuable support during development.” explains Kevin Todisco, Diablo IV’s lead software engineer.

Diablo 4 will be available tomorrow Game pass for consoles and PC. To do this, you will need to install Battle.net on your PC and connect your Microsoft account.

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