Ancient forces threaten the Sanctuary in Diablo 4 Season 3 – INDIAN

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Blizzard continues to support Diablo 4. The third season of the role-playing game, which has been presented in more detail, is quickly approaching. Under the heading Season of Construct will be released next week on January 23rd and will bring ancient powers to the Sanctuary.

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To stop them, you must team up with your new companion Seneschal and prepare for the danger that awaits you beneath the deserts of Kehjistan, where you will find the city of Gatehall as part of a new quest.

“Deep beneath the seething sands, the forces of the elements gather to fulfill the evil whims of the demon Malphaza. Only by going deep below the surface can you eradicate this damned threat.” Blizzard approves.

We are also tempted new type of dungeon. The developers call them Vaults and describe them as special dungeons where you will encounter a new type of mechanical monsters, Constructs, and natural hazards. By the way, your new companion is also so mechanical.

Rotating dungeons inside Glove will arrive some time after the start of the season. Players will always have a week to complete this dungeon and climb the leaderboard. PC gamers can still be pleased with WASD support for movement.

While you wait for more information, check out the first trailer:

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Source :Indian TV

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