Season of Constructs launches in Diablo IV on January 23rd.

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Demonic machinations spawned by the legacy of Zoltun Kell threaten Sanctuary in Diablo IV’s Construct Season.

Starting at 15:00 (Brasilia time) on January 23, players will unlock the secrets of Zoltun Kell’s Loom with a new dungeon type, chambers, and the season’s new robotic mascot, the Seneschal.

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Among the new products of the season, weekly ratings are also presented in the form of competitions. Check out the details:

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Season of Constructs

Season of Constructs

• Made Zoltun Kell This Ayuzhan from Kaldeya, the ancient technology known as the Tear has been captured by the demon Malphas. In a new series of missions, players will be able to team up with Ayuzhan, Zoltun’s former partner, to defeat Malphas and his deadly constructs.

• ABOUT Lobbya new center near Kejistan will serve as an operational base in the fight against Constructs.

• The player will be able to get his own Seneschal talisman during a series of season missions. It will accompany you in your battles and can be customized to suit every playstyle.

• Using Stones of Command and Harmony With the magic received in the Chambers, it will be possible to strengthen the Seneschal. Command Stones determine the attacks the Seneschal makes, and Harmony Stones enhance these abilities and provide greater utility.

Construction season
Season of Constructs

• TO Cameras is a new deadly dungeon filled with various dangers elementals and a new family of monsters, Constructions. At difficulty level III Nightmare Chambers will be unlocked.

• Upon entering the room you will be able to convert Pearls of Protection and receive a blessing Zoltun Defense, a special blessing that grants access to the wealth of the Chambers. They will gradually decrease in response to the dangers players encounter. Pearls of Defense can increase the risk when trading for casting Zoltun’s Defense, but success will also increase the rewards.

• Pearls of protection can be obtained by destroying elite structures during arcane tremors in the world.

Quality of life ratings and updates

• The test will begin immediately after the start of the construction season! This is a fixed dungeon that changes monthly in which players can compete for a place at the top of the leaderboard. The best results for the week guarantee a permanent place in the Hall of Ancestors. More details will be revealed in a future update.

• Hell Tides will now be active at 5 minute intervals per hour.

• PC players can now use the WASD keys on their keyboard to move around the Vault.

• A new “Chest” tab is available. Other improvements have been made in the form of changes to the position of your skill tree, gold trading UI, increased drop rates for Ice Beast Summon items, and more!

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