Expanded Christmas Parcel Delivery in American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 – INDIAN

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Special Winterland Christmas Event you are players American truck simulator And European Truck Simulator 2 I really liked it. Everyone will be glad that the Prague studio SCS Software has decided to extend the delivery of Christmas goods.

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You can participate in the Christmas Winterland event until February 5, 2024. It is available in American Truck Simulator until the same date. Kansas Cruise Event.

“Both of these events offer players unique in-game rewards for decorating their truck and taxi. Our Cruising Kansas event has over 112,000,000 miles driven to date. We are so close to the community’s goal of 125,000,000 miles, so we hope this extension will help you reach that goal.” the developers said.

The community goal for the Winterland Christmas event has now been achieved and all reward tiers have been unlocked. To get them, you need to complete your personal goal.

“We hope you enjoy both of these unique experiences.” Courtesy of the studio. Both events are associated with World of Trucks, where you need to register.

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Source :Indian TV

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