A year full of Starfield fixes and improvements begins – INDIAN

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This year he has Star field undergo serious modernization. A major update should arrive every six weeks. The first one is just around the corner and will be the biggest patch for this space adventure.

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The first update of 2024 will bring more than 100 improvements and various modifications. Most of it will be devoted to eliminating errors that can block progress in completing certain tasks. The creators highlight the problems with the Eye of the Stormfor example, the inability to dock with the Legacy ship or data transmission does not start, and temples do not appear in Into the unknown.

There will also be support for other widescreen formats and graphics with better textures, lighting and shadows, which should help both the environments and characters. The geometry of planets and the shadows they cast will be improved. You can see some of them in the gallery.

We will know more news later. Testing of changes and improvements will begin on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 on Steam. In two weeks, the update will be available to all players.

Later there will be correct city maps, a new but as yet undetermined method of transportation, more options for adjusting the difficulty of the game or expanding the system for building and modifying spaceships. Read more about the plans here.

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