Customize your gaming system with UFC-themed accessories from Konix.

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UFC fighting is an ever-expanding phenomenon. New and longtime MMA fans can now customize their gaming rig with a variety of accessories. Let’s start with a classic mouse pad. You can get it in sizes M and XXL, each with a unique look. The smaller option is quite minimalist and fits in most gaming corners. The larger XXL size also offers plenty of space for your keyboard, and you’ll find a stylish photo in the middle.

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Both rugs are made of high-quality textiles with a thickness of 0.3 mm. There is red piping throughout the magazine to prevent tearing and wear. The underside is non-slip. The smaller Konix UFC Mousepad costs just 169 CZK on sale, while the XXL version can be purchased for 499 CZK with a discount.

In addition to mouse pads, Konix also has a special offer for gamers who prefer controllers. This is a gamepad for Nintendo Switch and computers in a unique UFC design. The elegant combination of black and white with gold lettering lets you know at first glance that you have something special in your hands. Konix has experience with special edition controllers, so choosing this brand is a win-win. In addition, the discount includes a controller for only 579 CZK.

Customize your gaming system with UFC themed accessories from Konix 2 UFC Konix 1 artwork

A slightly larger accessory is a rug under the chair. Konix won with it, and the UFC version offers an octahedron shape, which corresponds to the UFC ring. The rug measures 100 x 100 cm and fits comfortably under the wheels of all chairs. This way you won’t scratch the floor and get a stylish UFC-themed accessory. At CZK 869, this is a great investment considering the fact that the mat will protect your floor from scratches.

Customize your gaming system with UFC themed accessories from Konix Illustration3 UFC Konix 1

Finally, we have one addition that will appeal not only to gamers. The Konix UFC Backpack is versatile enough that you can use it for anything other than headphones or your laptop when traveling. The design of the backpack is again inspired by the UFC world matches, featuring red and black colors along with white accessories.

Customize your gaming system with UFC themed accessories from Konix 4 UFC Konix 1 artwork.

The volume of the backpack reaches 27 liters, but it weighs only 950 grams when empty. You can also fit a 17-inch gaming laptop inside. There is a pocket for headphones or bottles. At CZK 1,199, this is a bargain that every loyal UFC viewer will love.

There’s definitely plenty to choose from. Konix has managed to embody the UFC aesthetic down to the smallest detail. The black and red color scheme naturally resonates with gamers. So you can’t go wrong with stylish accessories.

Source :Indian TV

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