Viper Pro Gamer is celebrating its release year and promoting a sale with up to 30% off.

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As the Viper Pro Gamer’s retail launch approaches the end of the year in March, the consumer will benefit from the gift. The brand is running a mega sale on all its lines, especially Naja, with up to 30% off, free shipping and up to six interest-free installments.

When paying by bank check or image, the consumer receives an additional 10% discount on the final purchase price. The Viper Pro Gamer Mega Sale runs until January 14th on the website and through partner retail channels.

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Viper Pro Gamer consists of three peripheral lines with a total of 16 products, including headsets, mice, mouse pads, keyboards and gaming chairs, designed to enhance the quality and experience of those who take gaming seriously.

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Viper Pro Line Gamer

Each one was named after a species of viper, from the most venomous Mamba to Nadja and Python, with which users can select the ideal intensity, sensitivity, resolution and color programming for the desired level of experience and performance.

With the mission of renewing the gaming lovers’ experience, creating and developing more and more to ensure satisfaction and quality at a reasonable price, the brand offers technology, precision and design for those who want to challenge all limits, whether in intense gaming or activity home office.

Viper Pro Gamer Marketing Director Patricia Vital explains that it has been able to maintain stronger value for consumers thanks to the support of the brand’s technology center located in China. “Our technology development center has existed for more than 10 years to transform technical information and market knowledge into scientific, cultural and industrial cooperation and achieve a global technological standard. Therefore, promotions dedicated to important dates in the retail calendar are guaranteed,” he emphasizes.

With the help of a team of experts, Viper Pro Gamer was launched in March 2023 and offers innovative products with creative designs and exceptional reliability for gaming systems. Additional information on the website

Viper Pro Products for Gamers

KEYBOARDS – The Python line is membrane-type, silent, with water-resistant backlit multimedia keys. In the Naja line, the keyboards are semi-mechanical, silent, with customizable RGB backlighting that can be adjusted to the player’s preferences.

Featuring precise and durable mechanical keys, this keyboard is designed to withstand intense and long gaming sessions. The Mamba line is mechanical, with RGB backlighting, steel construction and anti-ghosting on all keys, giving the player control and precision, and allowing multiple keys to be pressed without each other interfering.

Viper pro Mamba RGB gaming headset

Viper Pro Mamba RGB Gaming Headset

Viper Pro Naja Black RGB Gaming Headset

Viper Pro Naja Black RGB Headset for Gamers

Viper pro Python gaming mouse pad - 405 black/green

Gamer Viper PRO PYTHON Mouse Pad – 405 BLACK/GREEN

Mamba Viper Pro Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue RGB Backlighting

Mamba Viper Pro Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard…

HEADSETS – With soft foam ear cushions that adapt to the contour of your ear, provide comfort during long gaming sessions. The speakers deliver crystal clear sound and deep bass for powerful, immersive audio, helping to create soundscapes that deliver a new level of immersion.

In the Python line, they have an ergonomic design, an adjustable microphone and green LED lighting. The Naja line features immersive audio, RGB LED lighting, noise cancellation, and a retractable microphone. Finally, the Mamba line also provides comfort for long sessions with immersive audio, noise cancellation, a flexible detachable microphone and RGB lighting.

MICE – The mice deliver smooth, precise gameplay with up to 16,400 DPI resolution and precision tracking. They feature programmable buttons, an ergonomic design and excellent value for money, ensuring performance for gamers who demand maximum performance.

The Python line has four speeds and 3600 DPI resolution, dual fire button, stability, precision and three adjustable buttons. The Naja line features a non-slip design, RGB lighting, six speeds and 7200 DPI resolution, two side buttons and customization software. The Mamba line also features a non-slip design, RGB lighting, two side buttons and customization software. It guarantees high sensitivity, 16,400 DPI.

MOUSE PADS – The Python line has a larger size, 90×30 cm. The fabric is soft and comfortable, with a non-slip base and reinforced seams. The Naja Mouse Pad features a soft, smooth and precise premium mesh surface, along with RGB lighting, reinforced stitching and a non-slip base.

GAMER CHAIRS – Python line models offer comfort, tilt and height adjustment; The difference between the Naja and Mamba lines is the lumbar and neck pillows.

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