The list of the best PC games contains both famous gems and amazing things – INDIAN

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An interesting variety of games have been released this year. This is also evidenced by the ranking of the highest rated games according to Steam users. It contains both familiar gems and surprising items.

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The winner was a co-op horror film. Deadly company, which almost everyone was talking about a month after it hit Early Access. It even crossed the 100,000 concurrent players mark.

In Lethal Company, you must collect scrap metal from abandoned industrial moons to fill quotas. You use the money you earn to move into new months with higher risks and rewards or to buy better suits and equipment. But it won’t be easy. Because danger can lurk at every step and quietly wait for you to make a mistake, which is doubly true at night. Therefore, you must communicate well as a team and work with all available technologies, such as decoys or radars.

Trailer “Deadly Company”
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