Another Florida man wants money from Rockstar for his appearance in Grand Theft Auto VI – INDIAN

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They are waiting Rockstar Games long legal battles? Most likely not, but it’s interesting to see how some people want to Grand Craft Auto VI feed

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At the beginning of the month he demanded Florida Joker after the famous studio compensation for the parody in the announcement trailer. Lawrence Sullivan wanted between a million and two million dollars or he would be sued. Apparently, Rockstar did not respond at all, and the matter died out.

Now the company has received an ultimatum from weird dreadlocks, who is convinced that the creators have taken advantage of him and demands money from them within seven days. We can only guess what will happen next, but most likely nothing. If Sullivan didn’t succeed, it’s hard to imagine this one succeeding.

Some players believe he inspired the rapper. Kodak Black, The question is whether Rockstar is officially working with him. The studio attracts real celebrities from time to time. For example, in the GTA Online update Dr. Dre, and in GTA: San Andreas, random NPCs included 90s celebrities such as Kurt Cobain or LL Cool J.

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Source :Indian TV

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