Starfield revealed a number of statistics, as well as plans for the future

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Bethesda has published an interesting infographic on its official website dedicated to the statistics of the sci-fi RPG Starfield. For example, we learned that you have already tried the game. over 13 million players, who spent a total of more than 22 million days in space travel. The developers have calculated that on average users spend 40 hours in the game. The post also outlines additional content that has been mentioned for a long time.

The authors have confirmed that they plan to release one major update every six weeks. Moreover, this format of regular delivery of improvements and new content should start in February. For example, new forms of travel, other options for customizing your own ships, maps of individual cities, or official support for modifications were mentioned. Over the next year, players will also be expected first paid extension called “Shattered Space”.

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Source :Indian TV

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