Insomniac and other Sony studios are dealing with internal problems, they will have to make cuts and layoffs

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In recent days, a lot of information has leaked onto the Internet about a ransomware attack on Insomniac Games, one of the leading studios owned by Sony, which this year gave us the title Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Apart from leaks about Wolverine or other plans for the future, we also learned a lot numbers and behind-the-scenes information, which of course is not always positive. And Kotaku magazine drew attention to some of them yesterday.

Leaked presentations and documents suggest that the current budget for developing AAA games is unsustainable. Spider-Man 2 was expected to cost around $300 million, three times more than the first installment.. One of the presentations asks whether the budget increase is even noticeable to the players themselves. The sustainable budget would be less than $215 million, according to internal documents.

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A relatively recent November presentation states that Sony is preparing relatively radical measures. From 50 to 75 “low-performing” employeeswho are working on “Wolverine” and “Spider-Man 3” will be released, he was replaced by people from the teams working on the new Ratchet and a completely new IP. They are supposedly studio veterans with the right know-how, so management doesn’t want to lose them.

However, the changes will not only affect Insomniac. Another document from November states that this will save money at other Sony studios as well.whereas one studio is supposed to be closed altogether. But we don’t know which one exactly.

Source :Indian TV

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