More than 50 million players have already purchased the PlayStation 5 since its launch.

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In a recently published press release, Sony revealed the current sales of the PlayStation 5 console. In particular, we learned that since its launch in November 2020, the console has found its way to to more than fifty million players. For completeness, we add that the data was taken for December 9. In a short statement, Sony Interactive Entertainment head Jim Ryan thanked the entire PlayStation community and development team partners.

He also noted that the current pre-Christmas season is not much different from the previous three years. the absence of the consoles themselves affected. Despite a slower start to sales, which was significantly impacted by the limited number of consoles in previous years, current figures are close to the level achieved by the PlayStation 4 during the same period.

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In addition, everything indicates that the PS5 of its predecessor I’ll overcome it soon. In addition to a sufficient number of consoles themselves, in terms of games, this could also be facilitated by a busy 2023, with the recently released more compact versions of the console in disc and digital versions.

Source :Indian TV

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