ZeniMax unions agree with Microsoft on terms of use of AI

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Trade union ZVUwhich was created in ZeniMaxrespectively Microsoft, at the beginning of the year, agreed with the employer on the conditions for the use of artificial intelligence in games. ZeniMax, as a consequence Bethesdawill be able to at least partially control the controversial use of AI in their games.

According to the union, Microsoft has made a commitment that even the use of AI will always be aimed at supporting human work. The parties also agreed on six principles. The introduction of artificial intelligence should be fair, safe, fairly wealthy in terms of working with data, inclusive, transparent And responsible.

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“All employees have the opportunity to express their views on what role artificial intelligence will play in their work. (…) This agreement gives us the power to determine how AI is used, and also gives us the means to address those impacts before they occur,” says union spokesman Dylan Burton.

Microsoft entered into a cooperation agreement with the company in the field of artificial intelligence in November Internal AI. Specific solutions such as writing dialogue or creating stories and tasks were also discussed.

Source :Indian TV

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