Hasbro lays off more than a thousand people, Wizards of the Coast is not left out

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Hasbro announced the layoffs of almost 1,100 employees. The resignations did not spare the subsidiary company either. Wizards of the Coast famous for board games Dungeons and Dragons or The Magic of Gathering. The publisher has invested heavily in in-house video game development in recent years, but may now have suffered another blow.

We don’t know how much the layoffs have impacted Wizards of the Coast studios. But already at the beginning of the year, the company completed the development of five game projects (probably mostly external) and later fired 800 people from various divisions of the company.

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Wizards of the Coast owns six video game studios, let’s name the team for each of them Call Studioswho is behind the underrated game Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance and is working on another game under the D&D license or Skeleton key And Entertainment Archetype. Both teams are led by BioWare veterans, with the latter recently announcing its sci-fi RPG. Exodus.

“The market headwinds have been stronger and more persistent than we expected. While we believe in the future of Hasbro, the current situation requires us to take further steps, although these decisions are among the most difficult we have to make,” explains Hasbro. The financial situation is not in his favor despite signing on as a licensee in the third quarter. Baldur’s Gate Sales increase by 40% compared to last year.

Source :Indian TV

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