Ubisoft is apparently reviving the Might and Magic series

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The Might and Magic RPG series, which was most popular in the 90s, may see a comeback. If possible preparing a new work with the subtitle Fates indicates the creation of two domains. An insider with the nickname Kourakasiswho also noted that this is not the first time a new Might and Magic title has been discussed.

Speculation was already openly discussed a year ago position at Ubisoft studio in Shanghai, the description of which directly mentioned a new AAA game from the Might and Magic series. However, at this time it is not possible to confirm that the new leaked domains are related to this specific name. For example, a mobile project or another spin-off cannot be ruled out.

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In any case, already January 23, 2024 exactly 10 years will pass since the release of the last full-length part called Might & Magic X: Legacy. It’s this anniversary that Ubisoft could potentially use to announce a new work.

Source : Zing

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