Kojima hid a reference to Silent Hill in the trailer for the horror film “The OD”

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Brazilian magazine Central Xbox shown in a horror movie trailer FROM informally known as Overdose, a reference to the famous Silent Hill series. Game creator Hideo Kojima included hidden letters in the video, targeting mainly the three actors, which are only visible after adjusting the colors and contrast. These letters form a word Atami. It is a Japanese city, indicated in Japanese by two kanji characters. If we consider the individual meaning of these symbols, we get a pair of words – quiet And hills.

Source: Twitter/X Central Xbox

Hideo Kojima also openly references his game teaser. PT 2014, which was the predecessor to the game Silent Hills. However, due to disagreements between Kojima and publisher Konami, it was never created. The door at the end of the corridor played an important role in the PT. Not only does a strikingly similar door appear at the end of the trailer, Kojima even took to the stage at The Game Awards with a physical replica of it.

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Another thing that’s been discussed is the words Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier say in the trailer. This is a phonetic pangram. The sentence contains all the phonemes (sounds) of the English language. Whether or not the use of this sentence makes sense and what sense it makes, we can only guess. There is talk, for example, about the possibility of voice simulation, but this is pure speculation.

Kojima Productions is developing the game (but really also a movie or an entirely new medium) in collaboration with Microsoft. It uses Unreal Engine and MetaHuman technologies. The creators are collaborating with a number of creators, with director Jordan Peele appearing straight from the TGA stage.

In the horror trailer OD Kojima hid a reference to Silent Hill zing nej hra2023

Source :Indian TV

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