Valve has revealed the exact dates of the upcoming Steam sales

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Valve has published a full schedule of sales and festivals on Steam for the first half of next year. The announcement follows a timeline from September, when only some sales dates were revealed. In addition to the traditional big seasonal sales, players can also expect a number of themed events or a continuation of the Next Fest festival.

In the first half of 2024, Steam will offer the following promotions:

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  • Festival of Capitalism and Economics: from 8 to 15 January
  • Pirate and Ninja Festival: from 22 to 29 January
  • Next Steam Festival: from 5 to 12 February
  • Remote Games Festival: from 12 to 19 February
  • Dinosaur and Robot Festival: from February 26 to March 4.
  • Spring Sale: March 14th to 21st (Big Seasonal Sale)
  • Deck Construction Festival: from March 25 to April 1.
  • First Person Shooter Festival: from 15 to 22 April
  • Agricultural Festival: from April 29 to May 6.
  • Festival of Infinite Replayability: from 13 to 20 May
  • Festival of survival and crafting in the open world: from May 27 to June 3.
  • Next Steam Festival: from 10 to 17 June
  • Summer Sale: June 27 – July 11 (Big Seasonal Sale)

Valve has published the exact dates of the upcoming Steam sales zing nej hra2023

Source :Indian TV

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