The authors of the criticized “On the Eve” are leaving

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At the end of last week, we informed you about the release of the anticipated survival MMO The Day Before. Despite several delays, a number of strange statements from the authors themselves, and pointless demos, the game became one of the most anticipated games of December and most popular games on Steam. However, immediately after the release of early access, it became clear that The Day Before did not even remotely offer what the developers promised before release. The result was a wave of extremely negative reviews and a significant drop in the number of players who demanded immediate refunds on Steam after discovering the game’s questionable quality.

With the very first statement after the release of the game, the authors themselves from the Fntastic studio now came, who immediately announced that they were stopping the development of The Day Before and closing the studio. The developers indicated as the main reason financial failure and associated lack of funds for further development. Whether you believe in this reason is up to you. In practice, this means that The Day Before will no longer receive any updates or improvements.

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The servers will be running for now, so the game will be playable, at least for now. However, the question is how long this situation will last due to the significant decrease in players. Of course, this also cancels the previously planned console versions. Immediately after the statement below was published, the game was also downloaded from Steam, where it no longer available for purchase.

At this time, it is unclear how Steam will handle players who exceeded maximum playing time to approve the return, which takes two hours. It cannot be ruled out that in the case of The Day Before, Valve will be more favorable to players and provide refunds to more users who would not normally be eligible for a refund. In any case, today the epic life of the game can be considered almost complete.

The authors of the criticized The Day Before the end zing nej hra2023

Source :Indian TV

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