Mindless gameplay without innovation – Avatar: Frontiers of Pandara – REVIEW – INDIAN

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This will be a tough review. I was really looking forward to this game. James Cameron’s Avatar offers an incredible amount of fantasy, and it makes it quite easy to fall for the idea of ​​an open world action adventure. The potential to bring Pandora from the silver screen to a computer game is huge.

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And there are prerequisites for success here, because this is not the first time Ubisoft has decided to make an Avatar game. Development this time fell into the hands of the Swedish studio Massive Entertainment, which was behind The Divison, as well as Assassin’s Creed: Revelations or Far Cry 3. So, at first glance, Frontiers of Pandora is in good hands. Or maybe that’s why it’s doomed to fail.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is a design challenge. I had to persuade myself several times to finish reading the game, much less review it. At the same time, this is not about what the name of graphic art represents to you; the Snowdrop engine clearly knows how to render tens of square kilometers of Pandora well, that’s literally everything else – for example, these small detail pidi mini micro nanothat the game lacks meaningful content and modern gameplay!

This remastered Far Cry is a literal gallery of mediocrity that is a reflection of the current triple-A production stuck in the last decade. This is an attempt to hide behind beautiful graphics all sorts of technological shortcomings that arose in The Division, that is, very below average motion capture, uninteresting dialogue or script, repetitive boring tasks and unstable enemy artificial intelligence.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. At the same time, the game has its bright moments. But good ideas are killed by mindlessly copied content distributed around the world. Ubisoft and, by extension, Massive deserve no mercy this time. The developers simply abandoned this game. And I thereby refuse them.

I rarely regret spending time on a game I’m reviewing. Even if it’s bad. But when it’s bad, it’s usually because it contains obvious errors that the creators aren’t aware of. However, I guarantee you that everything I point out today is well known to the developers themselves. Not only that, they rely on it.

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