Warface changes name to Clutch with exciting new season

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Publisher and developer MY.GAMES today announced the release of a new update for its tactical shooter Warface: Clutch (site). This update also marks the completion of the previously announced title change across all platforms and launches the Northern Lights Season, which introduces new weapons, an updated Battle Pass (completely free), and new PvE, PvP, and Prestige seasons.

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One of the changes this season is that the Battle Pass can be purchased with in-game currency and does not require a purchase, offering more value to players who prefer to enjoy the tactical shooter for free. This is one of the game’s monetization changes that were previously announced along with the new title. Players can earn winter themed weapons to ensure their arsenal is fully themed.

Winter Fest kicks off on December 13th, adding a limited-time mode, map, and event. Players will have access to King of the Hill mode, where you will take the crown of the true King of Winter in the winter version of the fan-favorite map Trailer Park. Playing this map and mode will reward players with Black Market Coins, which can be used to purchase limited-time weapons, cosmetics, charms, and more. Players can also earn Black Market Coins by completing certain PvE Spec Op missions.

PvE missions also have some significant overall improvements that now offer stackable rewards. Complete a mission on the highest difficulty level and earn rewards at lower levels as well, meaning you’ll spend less time doing what you’ve already mastered. This is accompanied by a reworking of the difficulties of three missions.

Clutch is available through MGlauncher, Steam, Epic Games Store, and on PlayStation 4, Xbox and Switch consoles. For more news, players can follow the game’s social media channels.

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Source : Married Games

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