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Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing game of unprecedented scale, in which player decisions have great impact. It’s all the more interesting to look at the official statistics. Larian Studios reveals how many players have completed their new game, which class players choose most often, and which companion they most try to get romantically involved with.

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The popular Baldur’s Gate has been completed by 1.3 million players. This is a large number considering the scale of this adventure. This is not a ten hour game. According to public information, the main missions and side quests will take approximately 103 hours to complete.

Unsurprisingly, 66% of players chose Halsin to remain in human form during intimacy over Larian the bear. But the most popular character in the novel is undoubtedly Shadowheart, who defeated Karlach and Lae’zel.

94% of players have created their own character. Together they spent 8196 years creating the hero/heroine. When players decided to use characters created by the developers, Gale was the most popular, followed by Astarion. Charisma turned out to be the most popular characteristic.

Paladins are the most popular class, followed by wizards, while barbarians lead the subclasses, with humans and half-elves narrowly beating elves among races. Other highlights included players petting Scratch 48.5 million times and talking to the dead 113 million times.

The total playing time of all players is equal to 452,556,984 hours. This 51,662 years. The statistics will grow even more, because after PC and PlayStation 5, Baldur’s Gate 3 will finally be released on Xbox Series X/S. This should happen by the end of this year, with a date to be announced on Friday at The Game Awards.

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