Gameplay in Call of Duty: Warzone will speed up with the new Urzikstan map – INDIAN

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In the recently released Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 the first season will start, which will feature the popular battle royale mode war zone. He will receive a new card, which will significantly will speed up the process games. Urzikstan it is significantly smaller than the previous Al Mazra and can also accommodate fewer players.

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It should be noted that at the moment this is not a premiere for Urzikstan. Many of you may have already become familiar with the map in the Zombies game mode. After all, we are waiting for a change that is exclusive to the “battle royale” mode – the map brings An interesting travel option in the form of a train ride, which you can even drive yourself. You can watch the official trailer showing shootouts in a big city environment above.

And now about the fundamental changes in the gameplay. If now Warzone fans are accustomed to games with up to 149 opponents, then with the arrival of Urzikstan will reduce the maximum number of players to one hundred. In this case, the map area reduced by 20%.

Since this is a relatively drastic change that will cause the area to close faster and the entire match to be longer, thus shorter, Players’ opinions differ. While many will welcome the faster style of play, others would prefer to stick with the pace they’ve experienced so far.

Negative reactions are mainly related to concerns about lack of action. Due to the discrepancy between shrinking area and losing players, there is a real risk that the middle stages of matches will be boring despite the overall speedup.

Charlie’s INTEL server shared some impressions from the COD: Warzone community. There is an opinion among players that at least 120 people should compete in Urzikstan. However, others see the new limit as a victory – 150 players on the map, in their opinion, is too many.

Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 also brings back Skirmish mode, adds new limited-time game modes, and enriches existing ones with additional maps. The aforementioned Zombies mode will receive a new story act.

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Source :Indian TV

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