Fans are going crazy over a few seconds of alleged footage from Grand Theft Auto 6 – INDIAN

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Expectations regarding Grand theft auto 6 this is incredible. Gamers can’t wait for Tuesday evening when Rockstar releases the first trailer for GTA 6. Meanwhile, over the weekend, several seconds of video allegedly taken from the treasured gangster action appeared online.

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The footage was supposed to be published by a friend of Aaron Garbutt’s son, who is the head of the studio. Rockstar North and worked as an art director for five. The video doesn’t reveal much, but even that little has been analyzed by fans and linked to leaked footage from an early version in development last September.

According to many, the low-quality footage is really from the sixth part of GTA, others, on the contrary, are inclined to believe that they were taken from a modified GTA 5. You never know who will take the trouble to create fake materials. There are always a lot of them, especially around GTA.

Anyway, you can find the video on TikTok (or in the tweet below) and it shows a cityscape and skyscrapers. This Vice City?

Garbut’s son’s friend then revealed more and revealed that the map will be twice the size of Los Santos in GTA 5. Here we have three major cities and four smaller cities for us to enjoy. There should be a large lake in the center of the map. 70% of the buildings will be available in cities, and pre-orders will begin after the trailer.

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