Microsoft is developing its own mobile store

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Phil Spencer According to BNN Bloomberg, he said at the scam in Brazil that Microsoft is actively developing its own mobile store. It must compete with the App Store and Google Play. He also had to work on his store, which was purchased by Microsoft. Activision Blizzardso companies can now join forces.

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“This is an important part of our strategy, which we are actively working on today. Not just on our own, but also through discussions with other partners who would also like to see more ways to monetize phones,” Spencer said. He also added that we could see the store launch “sooner than a few years from now.”

Microsoft will almost certainly face resistance from companies if it launches digital commerce on mobile devices Apple And Google use of the iOS and Android operating systems and the corresponding App Store and Google Play stores. Apple has been sued for several years due to bypassing the App Store when making payments in Fortnite. Epic. He, in turn, accuses Google of paying companies to refuse to develop their own stores.

Source :Indian TV

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