Arkham Knight is just as much of a disaster on Nintendo Switch as it is on PC.

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The Batman: Arkham Trilogy collection was eagerly awaited by fans of the trilogy who own Nintendo Switch. Now, after release, we can say that a certain part of the game runs acceptably on a weaker hardware console. However, there is one part that is not going too well. In fact, we can say that in this case history repeats itself. The problematic part has to be none other than the final installment of the Batman: Arkham Knight series, the release of which was remembered by many players mainly because of how poor the technical condition was on the day of its release into the world. Years later, the situation, of course, improved, but the aftertaste from the performance of a false work remained.

Arkham Knight is the same disaster on Nintendo Switch that Batman 2 was when it released on PC.

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Now it feels like Batman: Arkham Knight is ruining the experience of a not-so-cheap collection. At least according to the editorial representative of the Digital Foundry YouTube channel. Oliver Mackenzie. He complains about rapid frame drops, game crashes and degraded graphics. Considering the state in which the game was released in the past, it is questionable whether things could have turned out differently. The main thing now will be how long it will take to make adequate repairs.

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