Beyond Good and Evil will receive an improved edition

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The developers note the presence of an improved version they confirmed and said we’ll know more early next year when Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is expected to release.

Original message: In August of this year, we learned through the ratings organization ESRB that improvements were in the works for the Beyond Good and Evil Anniversary Edition. The original version was released under the wing of Ubisoft in 2003, and despite not so brilliant sales, it still has a relatively large fan base that has been waiting for a full-fledged sequel for a long time. This was announced back in 2018but after a long and troubled development, there is currently no indication that we can expect the game in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, Ubisoft decided to at least please fans of the brand. improved version of the first partdetails of which were recently leaked to the Xbox Store, as first pointed out on Twitter by a gaming analyst with the nickname MauroNL. The new version will be called Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition and will offer support for 4K resolution combined with 60 frames per second, improved graphics and sound, redesigned controls or the ability to auto-save.

The new version should be released at least on PC and Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. More details maybe we’ll find out at The Game Awardswhere the official presentation could take place.

Source :Indian TV

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