A small taste of the remake of the legendary game Polda 2 – INDIAN

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Cop 2 remaster is around the corner. Already on December 12 this year we will be able to play on computers. remake of the legendary game Polda 2. Let us remind you that the Czech studio Zima Software has released a short trailer.

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We’ll love it Czech dubbing performed by Lucek Svoboda. and we will see some improved scenes. As we already know, the adventure of the crazy policeman Pankratz was everything is redrawn in high resolution in widescreen format. The music has also been reworked and the sounds improved.

“The city of Marcias is known throughout the world as the birthplace of the revolutionary technology that made it possible to clone the human race. Thanks to the development of this technology and its widespread use, the entire city is thriving. DNA Revolution’s clone production is on a gigantic scale, with traders selling cloned individuals all over the world. There they act as doubles of politicians or popular artists, and the abilities of cloned scientists or warriors and others are also used. The city is prosperous, people live well here. And at this very moment they are preparing for the culmination of the year – the election of their cloned Miss. When crime is part of their plans. Follow in his footsteps and countless adventures await you.” the press release recalls the history of the game.

The remake of Polda 2 can be found on Steam. An update about events between Polda 2 and Polda 3 will arrive on May 1, 2024. If you’re waiting for the Android and iOS versions, they should be out in about a year.

Minimum system requirements include Windows 7, 8, or 10, an Intel Pentium IV 1.0 GHz processor, a graphics card with 512 MB of RAM, and 700 MB of free disk space.

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Source :Indian TV

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