Review of the game Last Train Home

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Today a new real-time strategy from the Czech studio Ashborne Games is coming out on PC, telling about the fate of Czechoslovak legionnaires.

What ratings does the new product receive from foreign reviewers? You can find the answer below.

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Last Train Home may not be as deep as some management simulators or as extensive as other RTS games. But it combines the best of both styles with some smart and nice changes that give it a strong personality. Combine this with a unique story and brilliant presentation and you have a strong contender as one of the best games in its genre.


Finger pistols

A game that manages to combine story with a player-created narrative is rare, and Last Train Home achieves this with flying colors. Aside from some minor glitches in gameplay and visuals, this is a locomotive built to take on the elements. Challenging combat missions, deep gameplay and a phenomenal reconstruction of the devastated Russia of 1910 make this train worth boarding.



Not once did I experience any technical difficulties while playing (which is more than I can say about Company of Heroes 3), so I highly recommend this game to any interested and casual gamer. Although players looking for faster action will find it boring to watch the train slowly move across the map.


But why tho?

Last Train Home brilliantly combines a challenging strategy experience with an immersive environment and story. The difficulty curve may be overwhelming for less experienced RTS players, but the attention to detail and excellent character interaction are well worth the time investment for newcomers.


Checkpoint game

Last Train Home allows players to experience the trials of a group of soldiers on their 9,000-kilometer journey home. This management game is no cakewalk, and given its theme, it’s all the better for it. If you are familiar with RTS games, then this game is for you. If you’re new to the genre but intrigued by the story, be prepared to play stealthily and experiment with difficulty settings. Last Train Home takes a while, but if you’re willing to persevere and get on the train, this ride could find a place in your RTS library.


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