Popular fantasy city-building game Against the Storm will be released in full version in Czech – INDIAN

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A game Against the storm, where you build a city in a dark fantasy world, is ready for release in full version a year after its release into early access. It has extremely positive reviews from users and domestic players. delight with czech subtitles.

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According to players, Storm’s building strategy actually worked well. As a leader, you must conquer the desert and discover the lost riches of the Smoldering City, the last bastion of civilization against the plague that destroyed the old world.

“Unlike most urban survival games, where you focus on a single settlement, in Against the Storm you need to build a vast and thriving network of settlements, populated by a variety of fantasy races, each with their own specialties and needs.” says the press release. Here people, harpies, foxes, beavers or lizards fight side by side. You must take advantage of each group’s strengths and remember to balance their different needs, from housing to culinary preferences to luxury and relaxation.

“You’ll sew raincoats, brew beer, and bake pies to boost morale in the face of the forest’s terrifying hostility…” the game’s description adds. Adding to all this is the replayability of the roguelike. Build and manage multiple settlements across a massive world map, collecting valuable resources for meta-development to improve the Smoldering City. Feel the pressure of an impatient queen as the Burnt Queen demands constant progress while a recurring storm of disease poses an imminent threat to your settlements. Maintain the reputation and success of any one of your settlements before starting another, and constantly seek new opportunities for growth, solve unique problems in different biomes, and prepare for the inevitable destruction of everything except the Smoldering City itself. How can you get the most out of each cycle—not only to ensure a better future for the Smoldering City, but also for your career as Viceroy?”

They are ready hundreds of game modifiers and six different biomes. This makes each location a unique challenge. If you fail, the game is not over. You will carry over resources, upgrades, and experience from past quests to the next..

Against the Storm will leave early access on December 8th this year. If you hurry, you can buy the game with a 35% discount for 19.49 euros until tomorrow.

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Source :Indian TV

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