Czech television is preparing a program with stories about successful Czech games – INDIAN

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Czech television will air next spring history of Czech plays. The Game Story show will be dedicated to successful domestic video game projects from history and modern times.

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Judging by the available information, we can expect stories about interesting games under the leadership of Štepan Vodrazka. However, this may interfere absence of a highly successful mafiathe cult “Polda” or the text adventure game “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.

Golden Triangle – A group of the most famous creators of text games. It included František Fuka, Miroslav Fidlera and Tomas Rylka. The games “Belegost”, “Jet-Story” and “Tetris 2” were created with the group’s logo.

The Mystery of Donkey Island – The point-and-click adventure was created in 1994 as a parody of Monkey Island.

Excalibur, score and level – Three most successful domestic paper magazines. Two of them continue to leave.

Operation Flashpoint – Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is originally a Czech military action game from a first person perspective. It was created by Bohemia Interactive and published by Codemasters. When the companies couldn’t agree, Bohemia Interactive created Arma: Cold War Assault.

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