The authors of the role-playing game Super Mario boast of ratings

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Looks like Super Mario Bros. Wonder and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom won’t be the only blockbusters Nintendo will hit the world with this year. The Super Mario RPG also looks like another shot in the dark. So, at least from a critical perspective, this seems like a piece of work that would be a shame to miss. Journalists love the gameplay, visual treatment, and the personality of this work, which is often highlighted. Overall reviews were overwhelmingly positive, giving the game a Metacritic score of 83. This name is not completely unpopular even among players. At the moment, the community has given it a rating of 8.2, which is very decent.

The authors of Super Mario RPG boasted the ratings of Super Mario RPG 2

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It’s clear that Nintendo didn’t make a mistake with the Super Mario RPG. Let’s hope it works as well as Super Mario Bros. A miracle even in sales.

Source :Indian TV

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