The Tribes FPS series comes to life with a new installment. Take a look at the first screenshots – INDIAN

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Multiplayer sci-fi first-person shooter Tribespopular at the end of the last century and the beginning of this one, will come to life with a new work being prepared by developers from Prophecy Games. The studio was created in late 2019 as a subsidiary of Hi-Rez Studios, which was behind the latest but still quite old Tribes: Ascend, but became independent in 2020.

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It was the Tribes series that Prophecy Games apparently took with them and are now revealing the first details of their new project. We still don’t know his name, but that apparently doesn’t stop the creators from supposedly launching it significant public testing. Those interested can join the official Discord server of the studio.

Meanwhile, the creators boasted screenshots from the previous test wave. This was reported by the FPS-Z portal. It must be said that visually the title is very similar to the aforementioned Tribes: Ascend, but of course one cannot help but notice the modernization of the HUD and the graphics themselves.

Specific details of the gameplay have not yet been revealed, but some images seem to convey it. Capture the Flag (CTF) game mode. It is also clear that movement will not be limited to running – the heroes seem to be equipped with something like jetpack. The screenshots also show the ability to switch between three weapons during combat and use special abilities, although it is unclear which ones.

According to FPS-Z, the game is still in development. early stage of development, and therefore the screenshots may not accurately reflect how it will look in the finale. However, at least they give us an idea of ​​what the creators were up to and what direction development is going in.

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Source :Indian TV

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